Wiley StatsRef 2021 Updates

Covering the fundamentals and applications of statistics in all fields where it is widely used, Wiley StatsRef is the ideal reference for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers of statistics, and experienced researchers. Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online publishes new content online regularly to ensure that it remains the most up-to-date statistics reference online.

Wiley StatsRef is aimed at advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers of statistics, and for experienced researchers entering a new part of the field for the first time. It comprises over 6,000 articles from across the breadth of Wiley’s extensive reference resources in statistics – equivalent to over 30 volumes in print. Wiley StatsRef is fully searchable and allows users to browse by article or topic. 

Recent updates to Wiley StatsRef include entries on “Bayesian Joint Models for Longitudinal and Survival Data“; “Financial Crises and the Macroeconomy“; “Factor Modeling for High-Dimensional Time Series“; “Visual Communication of Data” and “Advances in Importance Sampling“.

For more information on Wiley StatsRef, visit here and find a sample of content available here.