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Semiparametric time series regression modeling with a diverging number of parameters Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: Shengchao Zheng, Degao Li
  • Published Date: Oct 20, 2017

Variable selection and error structure determination of a partially linear model with time series errors are important issues. In this paper, we investigate the regression coefficient and...

Penalized h‐likelihood approach for variable selection in AFT random‐effect models Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: Eunyoung Park, Sookhee Kwon, Jihoon Kwon, Richard Sylvester, Il Do Ha
  • Published Date: May 13, 2019

Survival models allowing for random effects (e.g., frailty models) have been widely used for analyzing clustered time‐to‐event data. Accelerated failure time (AFT) models with random effects are...

Mixed‐effects models for health care longitudinal data with an informative visiting process: A Monte Carlo simulation study Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: Alessandro Gasparini, Keith R. Abrams, Jessica K. Barrett, Rupert W. Major, Michael J. Sweeting, Nigel J. Brunskill, Michael J. Crowther
  • Published Date: Sep 05, 2019

Electronic health records are being increasingly used in medical research to answer more relevant and detailed clinical questions; however, they pose new and significant methodological challenges. For...

Accounting for length of hospital stay in regression models in clinical epidemiology Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: Martin Wolkewitz, Susanne Weber
  • Published Date: Oct 21, 2019

In hospital epidemiology, logistic regression is a popular model to study risk factors of hospital‐acquired infections. One key issue in this analysis is how to incorporate the time dependency of...

Performance of methods to conduct mediation analysis with time‐to‐event outcomes Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: Lizbeth Burgos Ochoa, Judith J.M. Rijnhart, Brenda W. Penninx, Klaas J. Wardenaar, Jos W.R. Twisk, Martijn W. Heymans
  • Published Date: Nov 05, 2019

Previous studies have discouraged the use of the Cox proportional hazards (PH) model for traditional mediation analysis as it might provide biased results. Accelerated failure time (AFT) models have...

Accounting for time‐dependent treatment use when developing a prognostic model from observational data: A review of methods Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: Romin Pajouheshnia, Noah A. Schuster, Rolf H. H. Groenwold, Frans H. Rutten, Karel G. M. Moons, Linda M. Peelen
  • Published Date: Nov 07, 2019

Failure to account for time‐dependent treatment use when developing a prognostic model can result in biased future predictions. We reviewed currently available methods to account for treatment use...

Expected termination times of progressively Type‐I censored step‐stress accelerated life tests under continuous and interval inspections Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: David Han
  • Published Date: Nov 11, 2019

A step‐stress accelerated life test is a special life test where test units are subjected to higher stress levels than normal operating conditions so that the information on the lifetime parameters of...

Bootstrap inference using estimating equations and data that are linked with complex probabilistic algorithms Early View

  • Journal: Statistica Neerlandica
  • Authors: James Chipperfield
  • Published Date: Nov 19, 2019

Probabilistic record linkage is the act of bringing together records that are believed to belong to the same unit (e.g., person or business) from two or more files. It is a common way to enhance...

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