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The Impact of  Tropical Storms on Households:  Evidence from Panel Data on Consumption Early View

  • Journal: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
  • Authors: Michael Henry, Nekeisha Spencer, Eric Strobl
  • Published Date: Jul 15, 2019

Abstract This paper investigates the impact of tropical storms on Jamaican household consumption. We build a panel data set that follows individual households over time thus enabling us to take...

Performance of Person‐Fit Statistics Under Model Misspecification Early View

  • Journal: Journal of Educational Measurement
  • Authors: Seong Eun Hong, Scott Monroe, Carl F. Falk
  • Published Date: Jul 15, 2019

Abstract In educational and psychological measurement, a person‐fit statistic (PFS) is designed to identify aberrant response patterns. For parametric PFSs, valid inference depends on several...

Multiple imputation in the presence of an incomplete binary variable created from an underlying continuous variable Early View

  • Journal: Biometrical Journal
  • Authors: Anneke C. Grobler, Katherine Lee
  • Published Date: Jul 15, 2019

Abstract Multiple imputation (MI) is used to handle missing at random (MAR) data. Despite warnings from statisticians, continuous variables are often recoded into binary variables. With MI it is...

Optimal consumption and investment with liquid and illiquid assets Early View

  • Journal: Mathematical Finance
  • Authors: Jin Hyuk Choi
  • Published Date: Jul 15, 2019

Abstract I consider an optimal consumption/investment problem to maximize expected utility from consumption. In this market model, the investor is allowed to choose a portfolio that consists of one...

Generalized multi‐release modelling of software reliability growth models from the perspective of two types of imperfect debugging and change point Early View

  • Journal: Quality and Reliability Engineering International
  • Authors: Iqra Saraf, Javaid Iqbal
  • Published Date: Jul 15, 2019

Abstract Owing to release of software in multiple releases, code changes take place in software. Because of this added complexity in software, the testing team may be unable to correct the fault upon...

Climate vulnerability mapping: A systematic review and future prospects Early View

  • Journal: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change
  • Authors: Alex de Sherbinin, Anamaria Bukvic, Guillaume Rohat, Melanie Gall, Brent McCusker, Benjamin Preston, Alex Apotsos, Carolyn Fish, Stefan Kienberger, Park Muhonda, Olga Wilhelmi, Denis Macharia, William Shubert, Richard Sliuzas, Brian Tomaszewski, Sainan Zhang
  • Published Date: Jul 15, 2019

Abstract Maps synthesizing climate, biophysical and socioeconomic data have become part of the standard tool‐kit for communicating the risks of climate change to society. Vulnerability maps are used...

A direct solution method for pricing options in regime‐switching models Early View

  • Journal: Mathematical Finance
  • Authors: Masahiko Egami, Rusudan Kevkhishvili
  • Published Date: Jul 14, 2019

Abstract Pricing financial or real options with arbitrary payoffs in regime‐switching models is an important problem in finance. Mathematically, it is to solve, under certain standard assumptions, a...

Instrumental variable estimation in ordinal probit models with mismeasured predictors Early View

  • Journal: Canadian Journal of Statistics
  • Authors: Jing Guan, Hongjian Cheng, Kenneth A. Bollen, D. Roland Thomas, Liqun Wang
  • Published Date: Jul 12, 2019

Abstract Researchers in the medical, health, and social sciences routinely encounter ordinal variables such as self‐reports of health or happiness. When modelling ordinal outcome variables, it is...

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