TIES-Wiley Best Student Presentation Award – Instructions for Participation

Welcome to the TIES-Wiley 2020 Best Student Presentation competition. In 2012, the TIES Board of Directors adopted the titles TIES-Wiley Best Student Presentation Award and TIES-Wiley Best Poster Award for the two categories of prizes that have been awarded to outstanding presenters at TIES conferences.

In the TIES 2020 Virtual conference, we will be only awarding the TIES-Wiley Best Student Presentation Award. See the respective list of previous award winners: TIES-Wiley Best Student presentation Award and TIES-Wiley Best Poster Award.

To be eligible for the TIES-Wiley Best Student Presentation Award, the paper must represent work accomplished as a student and be presented at the TIES conference by the student. The research must have relevance to environmetrics. The paper may have co-authors, but the student should be the principal author and must be the presenter. No written paper is required.

Steps for participation

In order to participate in this competition award, you should follow these steps:

  1. Register in TIES first as a student from a developed or developing country. More information can be found in the ISI registration web page.
  2. Prepare a video of your presentation. The video should have a 15 minutes maximum duration and format mp4.
  3. Once you have your video ready, write an email to vs2020@environmetrics.org  to give you access for video upload. The deadline for video submission is 27 November 2020 at 11:59 pm (CDT time).
  4. Register for the TIES 2020 Virtual Conference during the period 15 October  – 27 November 2020 to have access to the conference sessions. The registration information will be available on the Conference Web site.