TIES-Wiley 2020 Best Student Presentation award winners announced

TIES has announced  the winners of the 2020 TIES-Wiley Best Student Presentation competition held during the TIES 2020 Virtual Conference on 2-4 December 2020.

The winner of the competition is Laura Cartwright from the University of Wollongong (Australia). The Honor mention is awarded to Matthew Bonas from the University of Notre Dame (USA) and the Runner Up award is given to Quan Vu from the University of Wollongong (Australia). Congratulations to the winners and all students who participated in the competition!

We asked Laura Cartwright to describe her areas of interest:

I’m a PhD student in the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics at University of Wollongong. My main interest lies in statistical applications related to atmospheric chemistry, particularly atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. While a lot of investment goes into obtaining accurate measurements of greenhouse gas mole fractions, determining the sources and sinks of these gases, remains a difficult problem due to their complex interaction with atmospheric processes such as ambient air temperature and wind. I am working on developing novel statistical methods to estimate greenhouse gas sources and sinks which also give a good measure of the uncertainty associated with these estimates. This research rewards highly interdisciplinary work at the centre of statistics, machine learning, atmospheric chemistry, and geophysics.

Image courtesy of Laura Cartwright