Stat Special Issue on “Statistical Consulting and Collaboration”: Call for Papers

Special Issue on “Statistical Consulting and Collaboration”

Statistical consulting and collaboration are the bridge between statistics and other professions and disciplines. Through interdisciplinary collaborations on experimental design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, statistics leads to scientific discovery, and at the same time the field itself is driven forward by science. In the era of data science, with the ever-increasing size and complexity of modern datasets, statisticians play an even more critical role in empowering scientists and researchers to gain insight from data.

Statistical consulting is rewarding but can be challenging. According to the ASA Section on Statistical Consulting, “Statistical consulting is the most challenging and most rewarding part of statistics. A consultant uses the art and science of statistics to solve a practical problem”. Key factors in successful consulting and collaboration include communication, teamwork, analytical skills, and ethics. We are delighted to announce the call for a special issue on innovations in statistical collaboration and consulting. This collection will encompass two broad categories of research articles; Section 1, “Innovative application of statistical techniques”, will focus on impactful and innovative statistical approaches, especially as it relates to challenges encountered with data or scientific questions that require a nuanced approach. Section 2, “Collaborative skill development”, presents essential techniques and skills for collaborations, including case studies, strategies for effective communication, strategies for building successful collaborative relationships, and approaches to mentoring and/or training fellow statisticians and data scientists.

We welcome new submissions from practicing statisticians of original works on innovations in statistical collaboration and consulting. The journal Stat is known for its quality papers and speedy review process, with most accepted papers published within 30 days of submission.  For further information about the type of submissions and the expectations of the co-editors, click here.

Submissions should be made via the Stat ScholarOne Manuscripts site starting 1 November 2021.

Co-editors: Robyn L. Ball, H. Dean Johnson, Lee-Ann Hayek, Xiaoyue Niu, Joseph Rigdon, and Hao Helen Zhang.