RSS Statistics of the Year 2020

The Royal Statistical Society have announced its 2020 Statistics of the Year today.

The winners are:

  • International Statistic of the  Year: 332 days – the length of time between scientists publishing the genetic sequence of Covid-19 (11 January 2020) and an effective vaccine being administered (8 December 2020).
  • UK Statistic of the Year: 17,750 – the number of excess deaths in April in care homes in England and Wales over four weeks (4 April – 1 May). Total deaths in care homes were 200% higher than the five-year average, compared with 85% higher in the home, and 65% higher in hospitals.

See the RSS site for further information and the full list of Highly Commended statistics (International and UK).

Read this blog by RSS Statistical Ambassador, Anthony Masters, where he looks behind the numbers for this year’s Statistics of the Year.

The awards are now in their fourth year – read more about the history of the Statistics of the Yeas, including previous winners.