Pharmaceutical Statistics Welcomes Ekkehard Glimm as a New Editor-in-Chief

Pharmaceutical Statistics is pleased to announce that Ekkehard Glimm has joined the journal’s Editorial team. 

Dr Glimm joins David Wright and Lilly Yue as one of three Editors-in-Chief. Dr Glimm succeeds Andreas Krause, whose contributions and service to Pharmaceutical Statistics are greatly acknowledged. 

Ekkehard Glimm, PhD, is a Senior Director in the statistical methodology group in Basel, Switzerland, working on a variety of statistical topics relevant to clinical trials. He joined Novartis in 2005, working first in oncology biostatistics and in the statistical methodology group since 2006.

Ekkehard’s work has focused on adaptive designs and multiplicity adjustment in clinical trials and more recently on platform and master protocol trials. Since 2021, Ekkehard is also an adjunct professor for biostatistics at the Medical Faculty of the University of Magdeburg, Germany.