New Article Types Accepted in Statistica Neerlandica

Statistica Neerlandica now accepts three new article types: Short Notes, Tutorials and State-of-the-Art reviews.

Short Notes are short contributions that present a single, original, and significant discovery for rapid dissemination. They are aimed at informing colleagues about a finding, useful for the application, computation, methodology or theory of statistics. They should not be longer than 6 to 7 pages (2,500 words). These short notes can avoid long introductions or conclusions, and they do not need a lot of contextualization. They are little statistical gems, nice insights, useful mathematical tools that can aid the rest of the statistical community.

Tutorials are aimed at introducing a general area of statistical theory, statistical methodology, statistical computing, statistical software, or an important application area of statistics. The tutorial should act as an introduction to those not already familiar with the area, and as a review to others. The mathematical level of each depends upon the topic. In all cases, however, the tutorial will strive for the broadest possible audience of researchers who comprise the readership of Statistica Neerlandica. Whereas tutorials are introductory, State-of-the-Art reviews focus on the latest developments. State-of-the-Art reviews aim to bring an interested statistical audience up-to-date in an important and topical subject in the field of statistics with a focus on summarizing the latest advances. Although they present advanced material, they should be accessible to a dedicated and interested statistician, not just experts. They should serve as a way for interested researchers to get quickly up-to-date with the state-of-the-art in a certain topic of statistics. For this reason, State-of-the-Art articles should be limited to approximately 12 to 13 pages (5,000 words).

We invite the statistical community to reach out to the SN editorial team with suggestions, and, obviously, to submit manuscripts to the journal, either as a research paper or as one of the three new formats: Short Note, Tutorial or State-of-the-Art review. 

Submissions should be made using the Research Exchange submission portal.