PSI Journal Club: Propensity Scores

The PSI Journal Club are pleased to announce that our next webinar will be held on Thursday 22nd June 2023 (4:00-5.00pm BST). The title is Propensity Score.

Lilly Yue (FDA) and Jixian Wang (Bristol Myers Squibb) present their recent work. 

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Presenters and Papers:
1. Heng Li, Lilly Q. Yue: Propensity score-based methods for causal inference and external data leveraging in regulatory settings: From basic ideas to implementation

2. Jixian Wang: To use or not to use propensity score matching?

PSI Journal Club is sponsored by Wiley. For each of these published papers there will be a 20 minute presentation by author followed by a 10 minute discussion.

Papers will be made available to view prior to the meeting and presentation slides will be available a week before the JC. Journal subscribers can access papers at any time. Audio recordings will be available shortly after the JC to download from the PSI website.


This event is free to attend for both Members of PSI and Non-Members.
To register, please click here.


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