ENBIS 2020

ENBIS hosts an annual conference with presentations from a wide variety of sectors, ranging from manufacturing to service and from private to public. Statistical practitioners and academic statisticians from Europe and beyond meet, exchange ideas, and design new projects in this conference.  The annual ENBIS conferences feature both theoretical and practical studies in the area of business and industrial statistics.

Due to the COVID-19 sanitary emergency, the face-to-face conference in Valencia, planned for the end of September, had to be postponed. But we wanted to give all ENBIS members the opportunity to also meet this year – although virtually – and attend interesting presentations. So, during the same days when the face-to-face conference was planned, ENBIS will offer an online conference with first class keynotes, on topics very relevant to the ENBIS community. Also, this year award recipients will deliver a presentation, and they will “virtually” receive their award (while we wait to “physically” give the awards in the next face-to-face ENBIS conference). The conference will include two active sessions, the Greenfield Challenge and a hands-on workshop using JMP.

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