CFIES 2022 7th International French-speaking Conference on Teaching Statistics

The objective of this 3-day conference is to bring together teachers and researchers from the disciplines concerned (mathematics, educational sciences, knowledge engineering, computer science). The main themes this year are “statistical and digital education” and “competency-based education”.

The 7th International French-speaking Conference on Teaching Statistics will bring together for three days, teachers and researchers from the disciplines concerned: statistics obviously, but also mathematics, educational sciences, knowledge engineering, didactic of statistics, computer science, without forgetting the disciplines using the statistical tool, both in the exact sciences and in the humanities or health sciences, as well as companies wishing to train their staff in statistical techniques.

The ever-increasing place of statistics, and of data science in general in all sectors of activity in our society, makes training issues even more relevant. It questions the teaching of statistics to pupils and students, induces a permanent continuing education of its actors and an education of the public.

With this in mind, the program committee has chosen, this year, to focus on two main (but not exclusive) themes:

  • Statistical and digital, including calculation methods, large data sets, data from the web, digital means used in teaching, etc…
  • Competency-based approach to evaluation and training content in statistics.

These themes, deliberately quite open, can be approached under their epistemological, didactic, pedagogical and practical aspects.

More information about the conference (in French) is available here. 

 CFIES 2022 will be held in Rennes, France, from 23 to 25 November 2022.

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