13th IASE Satellite Conference

The International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) and the International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) are co-organizing the 13th IASE Satellite Conference which will take place from 11 July to 13 July 2023, just before the 64th World Statistics Congress (WSC64, 16–20 July in Ottawa, Canada). The conference will be offered in a hybrid format to welcome both online delegates and those participating in-person in Toronto, Canada. Previous IASE Satellites have brought 80-120 folks from around the world and the host country to share their passion, expertise, and experiences in statistics education. Many delegates also attend the broader World Statistics Congress, which has numerous sessions related to statistical education and statistical computing.

The broad theme of the conference is “Fostering Learning of Statistics and Data Science”. The data landscape is constantly shifting, driven by perpetual technological, economic, and societal developments. Information is now recorded and shared at unprecedented rates, with statisticians and data scientists called to make sense and use of increasingly complex data. Conventional methods of data analysis are being adapted for this new landscape, while additional approaches are being developed under the umbrella of Data Science. Naturally, these changes have profound implications for education too, raising important questions about what, when, to whom, and how we teach Statistics and Data Science. The theme aims to engage with these questions in order to promote and sustain learning in our field.

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