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  • Date: 02 October 2015

The latest issue of the journal Networks has released a special issue on the International Network Optimization conference of 2013.

INOC is an international scientific conference that provides a high quality forum for the presentation of mathematical models, methodologies and computational results, and for the exchange of ideas and scientific discussions on advanced applications and technologies in Network Optimization and related problems. It is the conference of the European Network Optimization Group (ENOG), a working group of EURO.

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The 2013 conference was held in Tenerife, Spain. Twenty three papers were submitted after the conference took place for potential publication in this special issue, and eight of them were accepted. The contents of the issue are organized as follows.


Research Articles:

'Stochastic maximum weight forest problem' (pages 289–305) by Pablo Adasme, Rafael Andrade, Marc Letournel and Abdel Lisser

'An incremental algorithm for the uncapacitated facility location problem' (pages 306–311) by Ashwin Arulselvan, Olaf Maurer and Martin Skutella

'Network spot-checking games: Theory and application to toll enforcing in transportation networks' (pages 312–328) by Ralf Borndörfer, Julia Buwaya, Guillaume Sagnol and Elmar Swarat

'Formulations and exact solution approaches for the degree preserving spanning tree problem' (pages 329–343) by Alexandre Salles da Cunha, Luidi Simonetti, Abilio Lucena and Bernard Gendron

'On the complexity of equal shortest path routing' (pages 344–352) by Frédéric Giroire, Stéphane Pérennes and Issam Tahiri

A branch-and-price algorithm for the (k,c)-coloring problem (pages 353–366) by Enrico Malaguti, Isabel Méndez-Díaz, Juan José Miranda-Bront and Paula Zabala

'Branch-and-cut and Branch-and-cut-and-price algorithms for the adjacent only quadratic minimum spanning tree problem' (pages 367–379) by Dilson Lucas Pereira, Michel Gendreau and Alexandre Salles da Cunha

'Efficient Edge-swapping heuristics for the reload cost spanning tree problem' (pages 380–394) by S. Raghavan and Mustafa Sahin

We have provided free access to the first article, 'Stochastic maximum weight forest problem' by Adasme et al. who present two mathematical formulations for the stochastic maximum weight forest problem. One formulation is polynomial and based on the characterization of forests in graphs. The other formulation has an exponential number of constraints. The authors introduce an L-shaped decomposition approach for the polynomial formulation, thus allowing the optimal solution of large-scale instances with up to 90 nodes. A variable neighborhood search metaheuristic is also proposed to compute near optimal solutions with significantly less computational effort. Computational results are also discussed.

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