Where would you be happiest living?


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  • Date: 25 March 2015
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The University of Cambridge has conducted a survey of British residents which has found  significant differences in personalities between our regions. Amongst its results, it shows Londoners the most sociable, Scots the most agreeable and Welsh people the least emotionally stable.

This research was published yesterday in the journal PLOS ONE from the University of Cambridge examined data from the responses of almost 400,000 people from England, Wales or Scotland (Northern Ireland was excluded as sample sizes were too small).

The culmination of these results has also been reproduced in a BBC online test, 'Where in Britain would you be happiest?'.

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This new research suggests how well our personality fits with the people who live around us which can also contribute to our happiness.

The test looked at five personality traits: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. With regards to extraversion, research found this personality trait was mainly recorded in London, Manchester and areas of the South and South East of England, Yorkshire and Scotland. Whereas the East Midlands, Wales, Humberside, the North of England and East Scotland scored low here, suggesting people who live in this area are quiet and reserved.

In terms of agreeableness, regions which scored highly were to be found throughout Scotland, as well as in the North, South West and East of England, suggesting that disproportionate numbers of residents of these areas were friendly, trusting, and kind. London and various areas in the East of England scored lowly, suggesting residents may be bad-tempered and disagreeable.

The survey found the most conscientious areas were in Southern England, parts of the Midlands, and the Scottish Highlands, suggesting that many residents were self-disciplined, cautious, and compliant. London, Wales, and parts of the North of England scored much lower, suggesting that residents of these areas may be disobedient and inattentive.

Wales and the Midlands scored highly in terms of emotional stability and cities scored highly for people who are friendly and open - London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow all scored highly.

The BBC's interactive guide asks you to answer 10 questions and matches your answers to the region in Britain that most suits you, so have a go and find out where you could be happier and indeed, where you would not!



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