Introducing Series B'log! A discussion blog for JRSS Series B papers


  • Author: Statistics Views
  • Date: 06 June 2017

Following discussions with several editors of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B: Statistical Methodology and with the support of the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society, the Journal has started a blog, Series B'log. This will provide a new space for discussions and comments on the papers published (or not published) in Series B, as well as statistical methodology, theory, and applications, the editorial choices of the Journal, and wider statistical issues. The aim is to turn every Series B publication into a discussion paper.

Read the editorial from the Series B editors here.

thumbnail image: Introducing Series B'log! A discussion blog for JRSS Series B papers

As you will see on the site, the set-up is very much experimental, and it will no doubt take us time to converge on the right formula. But the efforts of our Associate Editor for the Blog, Professor Christian Robert, have been very impressive, and we are encouraged by the initial response: more and more authors are sending their paper summaries, which are then converted into blog posts, to be read and commented on by you!

Here is how it works: the authors of just-accepted papers are encouraged to submit a summary of their paper to Christian, written in a way that is accessible to the general audience. After it has been posted on the site, it is then open for comments, and the authors are encouraged to stimulate the discussion of their work by contacting potential commenters.

Recent posts include:

Estimation of the False Discovery Proportion with Unknown Dependence

Goodness of fit tests for high-dimensional linear models [by Rajen Shah]

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampling in Bayesian empirical likelihood computation.

All contributions are welcomed, if subject to editorial filtering. They can be submitted using this form or as comments.

For submitting a post rather than a comment, Series B'log welcomes submissions by email in HTML, LaTeX, text, and PDF formats by order of preference, in order to minimise the editing to publish the post with WordPress. In particular, we encourage the use of the latex2wplatex2wp translation program to deliver almost ready HTML files, with the possibility of creating links to papers and other pages.

We hope you like the idea, and are willing to support us by commenting on papers and letting the Series B editors know what you think. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Series B'log site!

Statistics Views will be publishing regular updates with new posts to Series B'log.

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