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Agricultural Partnership for Dairy Farming

  • Author: Vernon N. Hsu, Guoming Lai, Guitian Liang
  • Pub Online: Feb 11, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.12992 (p )

Money Well Spent? Operations, Mainstreaming, and Fairness of Fair Trade

  • Author: Michael K. Lim, Ho‐Yin Mak, Seung Jae Park
  • Pub Online: Mar 18, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13011 (p )

Economic Analysis of Reward Advertising

  • Author: Hong Guo, Xuying Zhao, Lin Hao, De Liu
  • Pub Online: Apr 01, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13015 (p )

Being on the Productivity Frontier: Identifying “Triple Aim Performance” Hospitals

  • Author: Aleda Roth, Anita L. Tucker, Sriram Venkataraman, Jon Chilingerian
  • Pub Online: Apr 22, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13019 (p )

Shelf Space Selection to Control Product Expiration

  • Author: Arzum Akkaş
  • Pub Online: May 20, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13034 (p )

Monetization on Mobile Platforms: Balancing in‐App Advertising and User Base Growth

  • Author: Yonghua Ji, Ruibing Wang, Qinglong Gou
  • Pub Online: May 20, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13035 (p )

Incentive–Compatible Prehospital Triage in Emergency Medical Services

  • Author: Eric M. Webb, Alex F. Mills
  • Pub Online: May 30, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13036 (p )

Behavioral Ordering, Competition and Profits: An Experimental Investigation

  • Author: Bernardo F. Quiroga, Brent Moritz, Anton Ovchinnikov
  • Pub Online: May 31, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13032 (p )

Shaping the Values of a Milk Cooperative: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

  • Author: Liying Mu, Milind Dawande, Vijay Mookerjee
  • Pub Online: Jun 05, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13049 (p )

Offering Discretionary Healthcare Services with Medical Consumption

  • Author: Xiaofang Wang, Qi Wu, Guoming Lai, Alan Scheller‐Wolf
  • Pub Online: Jun 05, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13051 (p )

The Impact of Tax and Transfer Pricing on a Multinational Firm's Strategic Decision of Selling to a Rival

  • Author: Vernon N. Hsu, Wenqiang Xiao, Jiayan Xu
  • Pub Online: Jun 05, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13050 (p )

Managing Perishable Inventory Systems with Multiple Priority Classes

  • Author: Hossein Abouee‐Mehrizi, Opher Baron, Oded Berman, David Chen
  • Pub Online: Jun 09, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13058 (p )

Service Level Constrained Inventory Systems

  • Author: Yuchen Jiang, Cong Shi, Siqian Shen
  • Pub Online: Jun 10, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13060 (p )

Examining the Link between Retailer Inventory Leanness and Operational Efficiency: Moderating Roles of Firm Size and Demand Uncertainty

  • Author: Howard Hao‐Chun Chuang, Rogelio Oliva, Gregory R. Heim
  • Pub Online: Jun 10, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13055 (p )

Operationalizing Learning from Rare Events: Framework for Middle Humanitarian Operations Managers

  • Author: Ashraf Labib, Sara Hadleigh‐Dunn, Amr Mahfouz, Marco Gentile
  • Pub Online: Jun 10, 2019
  • DOI: 10.1111/poms.13054 (p )
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