Communicating Statistics to the Media: Highs and Lows During the Pandemic (so far) – Webinar

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter FRS OBE, Chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, will be the speaker at this week’s NISS COVID-19 Data Science webinar. Professor Spiegelhalter’s talk, moderated by Rob Deardon, Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Calgary, is called Communicating Statistics to the Media: Highs and Lows During the Pandemic (so far). The webinar will take place on 29 April 2021 at 12 noon ET. 

The event is co-organized by the Committee of the Presidents of Statistical Societies and its five charter member societies (ASAENARIMSSSC, and WNAR), as well as NISS. This bi-weekly seminar features the latest research that is positioned on the cusp of new understanding and analysis of COVID-19 pandemic data, and promotes data-driven research and decision making to combat COVID-19. Find out more about this series and view all the previous sessions on the Webinar Series page

Professor Spiegelhalter explains, “The current crisis is notable for the vast traffic in official and unofficial information and claims.  I will offer some personal insights into the challenges of trying to bring some illumination to the statistics about the pandemic, illustrated with some examples of things have gone fairly well, and some communication disasters.”

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Professor Spiegelhalter along with Kevin McConway recently published an article in the latest issue of Significance, offering tips to statisticians communication through the media, especially in the time of Covid-19. Their article, “Sound human, steer clear of jargon, and be prepared” is now available to read here