Call for Papers: ASMBI Special Issue on Foundations of Applied Statistics

We are pleased to announce a “Foundations of Applied Statistics” Special Issue of the journal Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (ASMBI) following a conference on this topic held on April 11th 2024 at the Samuel Neaman Institute, Technion, Israel, see

Statistics has evolved in the past three centuries with different emphases con problem driven methods, mathematical methods and computational analytics. It has witnessed heated discussions contrasting frequency based inference with Bayesian methods. Other schisms exist between predictive models and explanation of existing data, what Deming called analytic and enumerative studies. Significant contributors to this evolution include Leo Breiman, John Tukey and David Cox. All these authors wrote papers on the foundations of statistics as both a theoretical and an applied discipline. This special issue is about the foundations of applied statistics.

The aim of this Special Issue is to attract high-quality, innovative, and original works related but not restricted to the below mentioned research fields relevant to the foundations of applied statistics:

• Statistical analysis strategy
• Statistical life cycle views
• Estimation and decision-making perspectives.
• Impact studies
• Experimental design
• Information quality
• Selective inference
• Representation of findings
• Reproducibility of findings
• Generalizability of findings
• The role of asymptotic theory
• Cross validation and bootstrapping
• Validation of predictive analytic models
• Causality analysis
• Data science and statistics

All submissions will go through the standard, selective review process of ASMBI. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2025 through the journal submissions site:

Please follow the ASMBI author submission guidelines given on the ASMBI website and click on the box of submissions to special issues, mentioning “FOUNDATIONS” when requested.

The Guest Editors of the special issue are Ron Kenett ( and David Steinberg ( The guest editors hope that you will find it interesting to contribute to this special issue and are looking forward to your contributions.

For any information about the ASMBI journal, please contact its Editor-in-Chief, Nalini Ravishanker (