Call for Papers: ASMBI Special Issue on Digital Twins

We are pleased to announce a “Digital Twins” Special Issue of the journal Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (ASMBI), dedicated to the topical areas featured in the ENBIS 2023 Spring Meeting on Digital Twins.

Recent decades have seen a proliferation of computing power that has allowed for more accurate digital representations of physical systems through Digital Twins. Although challenges exist in developing appropriate Digital Twins, they have the potential to provide great benefits. This has led to a fast increase in interest from academia as well as from industry.

Today, engineers are developing Digital Twins with industrial statisticians, who develop powerful methods to analyze complex datasets generated by digital replicas. Advancing the development of new techniques for enhancing the accuracy and usefulness of Digital Twins in practical applications is now an emerging research area. 

The aim of this Special Issue is to attract high-quality, innovative, and original works related but not restricted to the below mentioned research fields relevant to Digital Twins:

  • Digital Twin development for both the products and processes
  • Simulation models for Digital Twins
  • Design and Analysis of computer experiments
  • Industrial implementation of Digital Twins
  • Robustness and optimization through Digital Twins
  • Practical applications and cases studies of data analytics using Digital Twins
  • Process surveillance and predictive maintenance through Digital Twins
  • Decision making through Digital Twins
  • Verification and validation of Digital Twins in real life

Submissions are not restricted to papers presented at the ENBIS 2023 spring meeting. All submissions will go through the standard, selective review process of ASMBI. The deadline for submissions is 13 November 2023 through the website

Please follow the ASMBI author submission guidelines given on the ASMBI website and click on the box about submissions for special issues, mentioning “ENBIS TWINS” when requested.

The Guest Editors of the special issue will be Murat Caner Testik ( and Jean-Michel Poggi ( The two guest editors hope that you will find it interesting to contribute to this special issue and are looking forward to your contributions.

For any information about the ASMBI journal, please contact its Editor-in-Chief, Fabrizio Ruggeri (