Statistics in Medicine: Tutorials in Biostatistics

The primary objective of the series of Tutorials in Biostatistics published in Statistics in Medicine is to present introductory tutorials on current biostatistical methods.  Each tutorial presents the topic, defines vocabulary, reviews its uses, illustrates the uses with numerical examples relevant to biostatistical applications, includes demonstrations and references to available computer software for performing the method, and supplies references to articles and books for further reading. The tutorial should act as an introduction to those not already familiar with the method and as a review and update to others. The mathematical level of each depends upon the topic. In all cases, however, the tutorial will strive for the broadest possible audience of researchers and clinicians who comprise the readership of Statistics in Medicine. The full list of tutorials published in the journal can be found here, but below we highlight the articles published since 2021. 

Tutorials Published in 2022 Issues:

DL 101: Basic Introduction to deep learning with its application in biomedical related fields

Generalized additive models to analyze nonlinear trends in biomedical longitudinal data using R: Beyond repeated measures ANOVA and linear mixed models 

Using principal stratification in analysis of clinical trials

Translating questions to estimands in randomized clinical trials with intercurrent events (OPEN ACCESS)

Correcting for partial verification bias in diagnostic accuracy studies: A tutorial using R

Tutorials Published in 2021 Issues:

Using fractional polynomials and restricted cubic splines to model non-proportional hazards or time-varying covariate effects in the Cox regression model (OPEN ACCESS)

Introduction to computational causal inference using reproducible Stata, R, and Python code: A tutorial (OPEN ACCESS)

Bayesian workflow for disease transmission modeling in Stan

A tutorial on individualized treatment effect prediction from randomized trials with a binary endpoint (OPEN ACCESS)

Optimal planning of adaptive two‐stage designs (OPEN ACCESS)

Bayesian survival analysis with BUGS

A practical introduction to Bayesian estimation of causal effects: Parametric and nonparametric approaches

Analysis of time‐to‐event for observational studies: Guidance to the use of intensity models

Suggestions for tutorial papers are welcomed. Such papers should be timely, well-written articles on biostatistical methods that appeal to a broad audience and are motivated by real applications. Tutorials ideally come with software code – ready to apply – as supplementary material.  If you have ideas for a tutorial paper (to write yourself, or to invite others to write), please contact any of the Editors-in-Chief to discuss them.


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