Statistical Issues in Drug Development Published

The third edition of Statistical Issues in Drug Development was recently published. Stephen S. Senn’s revised third edition of Statistical Issues in Drug Development delivers an insightful treatment of the intersection between statistics and the life sciences. The book offers readers new discussions of crucial topics, including cluster randomization, historical controls, responder analysis, studies in children, post-hoc tests, estimands, publication bias, the replication crisis, and many more.

This work presents the major statistical issues in drug development in a way that is accessible and comprehensible to life scientists working in the field, and takes pains not to gloss over significant disagreements in the field of statistics, while encouraging communication between the statistical and life sciences disciplines. In addition to new material on topics like invalid inversion, severity, random effects in network meta-analysis, and explained variation, readers will benefit from the inclusion of:

  • A thorough introduction to basic topics in drug development and statistics, including the role played by statistics in drug development
  • An exploration of the four views of statistics in drug development, including the historical, methodological, technical, and professional
  • An examination of debatable and controversial topics in drug development, including the allocation of treatments to patients in clinical trials, baselines and covariate information, and the measurement of treatment effects

Perfect for life scientists and other professionals working in the field of drug development, Statistical Issues in Drug Development is the ideal resource for anyone seeking a one-stop reference to enhance their understanding of the use of statistics during drug development.



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