Mini issue of International Statistical Review in honour of Professor C. R. Rao

International Statistical Review (issue 89:2, August 2021) has just published a mini issue in honour of Professor C. R. Rao.

We reproduce the foreword by Editors-in-Chief, Scott H. Holan and Nalini Ravishanker below.

The name C. R. Rao needs no introduction in the statistics world. Prof Rao has made innumerable, innovative and path-breaking contributions to our field over nearly a century of scientific pursuit. Every serious student of statistics has grown up learning theorems that are attributed to Prof Rao; well-known among these of course are the Rao–Blackwell theorem and the theorem related to the Cramér–Rao inequality. Throughout his life, Prof Rao has been a brilliant researcher, a stimulating teacher and a capable administrator. He has held several leadership roles which include his role as President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) from 1977 to 1979, when the successful World Statistics Congress (WSC) was held in New Delhi.

Throughout his illustrious career, Prof Rao has been a leader and a visionary. While we cannot hope to do justice to all his career contributions, we are extremely delighted to present a mini-issue that salutes his life and work and highlights a few of his path-breaking contributions that are thriving in 21st century statistical and scientific fields of study.

We are very grateful to the eminent contributors of the three papers constituting the mini issue: Dr Nandini Kannan, Prof Debasis Kundu, Prof Christian Robert, Prof Gareth Roberts and Prof Amari. We are sure that you will enjoy reading and be stimulated by their articles. We also thank our editorial board members for many useful discussions to make this mini issue possible. Our very best wishes to Prof Rao on the celebration of his 100th birthday.

The three articles in the mini issue are FREE TO READ for the next 3 months:

Kannan, N., and Kundu, D. (2021C. Radhakrishna Rao: A Century in Statistical ScienceInternational Statistical Review89216– 236

Robert, C. P., and Roberts, G. (2021Rao–Blackwellisation in the Markov Chain Monte Carlo EraInternational Statistical Review89237– 249

Amari, S. (2021) Information GeometryInternational Statistical Review89250– 273

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