Layman’s abstract for Quality and Reliability Engineering International article on an importance measure of a CNC lathe considering failure correlations

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The article featured today is from Quality and Reliability Engineering International with the full article now available to read here.
Gu, DZhong, YXu, ZChen, BWang, ZAn importance measure of a CNC lathe considering failure correlationsQual Reliab Eng Int20211– 13
In this paper, the reliability importance measure of CNC lathe based on failure correlation is studied. The paper establishes the joint reliability model of each subsystems of the CNC lathe through the Copula function. According to the failure data, the D-test method, the average cumulative error, and the root mean square error were used for comparing and analyzing. And determine the validity of Clayton Copula model for CNC machine tool failure correlation description. Finally through the analysis of CNC machine tool failure related reliability importance measure, servo subsystem is determined as the most important subsystem of the CNC. It provides a basis for the reliability design and improvement of the CNC machine tool. This paper puts forward that the method can also be further extended to the reliability important measure analysis of repairable systemswhich has a certain theoretical and application value. 
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