June 2021 issue of Significance just published!

The June 2021 issue (18:3) of Significance has just been published.

Included in this issue: 

From face recognition to fingerprint scans, Sinjini Mitra explains how statistical ideas inform the design and implementation of biometric security systems.

About 28,000 items of space debris can be tracked orbiting the Earth. But estimates suggest there are many millions more pieces of debris, too small to see, that pose a danger to satellites and other spacecraft. Brian Tarran hears how statistical models inform our understanding of this growing problem.

Sheila Bird offers a personal account of the debate over rapid coronavirus screening in secondary schools, and the efforts to reinstate confirmatory PCR tests.

Differential privacy promises to strike a balance between the protection of privacy for individuals and the generation of insights from data. But how exactly does it work? Christoph F. Kurz works through a simple hypothetical example.

Joseph L. Gastwirth and Qing Shi use three decades of data from a triennial survey of consumer finances to calculate the “number of families needed” to equal the wealth of the Forbes 400 rich list.

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