August 2021 issue of Significance just published!

The August 2021 issue (18:4) of Significance has just been published.

Included in this issue:

Lapses in concentration while driving can be fatal, so if a person experiences a seizure – whether behind the wheel or not – UK authorities require that person to take time off driving until the risk of another seizure falls below a set threshold. But how much time off is required? Laura Bonnett explains how statistics helped find an answer.

For much of the Covid-19 pandemic so far, English Premier League football has been played behind closed doors, without fans in the stands. Alan Jackson considers what effect this may have had on so-called “home advantage”.

The world has changed dramatically over the past 200 years. Data is now the fuel that drives business – identifying potential markets, shaping new products and targeting consumers. To understand where we may be heading next, Significance has partnered with Impact, the magazine of the Market Research Society, to jointly publish a series exploring the past, present and future of the data economy. This second part tells the story of the arrival of analytics and efforts to better understand consumer behaviour using new data sources. By Timandra Harkness.

Benjamin Leinwand, Puyao Ge, Vidyadhar Kulkarni and Richard Smith consider a range of scenarios – from the realistic to the implausible – for how a US presidential candidate can win an election with only a small fraction of the popular vote.

Lessons from recent attempts to subvert the US election with data analysis. By Kristian Lum, Naim Kabir and Joe Bak-Coleman.

Statisticians play a key role in almost all scientific research. As such, they may be key to solving the reproducibility crisis. Heidi Seibold, Alethea Charlton, Anne-Laure Boulesteix and Sabine Hoffmann urge statisticians to take an active role in promoting more credible science.

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