64th ISI World Statistics Congress 2023 – Deadline for CPS abstracts is 21 November 2022

64th ISI World Statistics Congress – Ottawa, Canada

Contributed Paper/Poster Sessions

Submit your CPS Abstract by 21 November 2022

The ISI invites the statistical community to submit abstracts for presentation at the 64th WSC 2023, to be held 16-20 July in Ottawa, Canada. The WSC will highlight the developments and contributions of statistics, statistical science, and data science in all aspects of life. The WSC 2023 will host talks and presentations on a wide variety of topics, with the overall goal of presenting a balanced programme that provides a sense of the current state and future direction of statistics and their applications. The programme will span the full field of statistics including academia, business, industry, government and official statistics in line with the breadth of ISI and the Associations affiliated with ISI.

Contributed Papers/Posters can be submitted by any individual or organisation. Presentation will be during a session or as a poster presentation (preference can be indicated in the submission system). For presentation in a Contributed Paper Session, the contributed papers will be combined into sessions with as much similarity in topic coverage as possible. The decision regarding the presentation mode for each accepted paper will be taken by the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) considering the author’s request, but also considering demand and capacity constraints.

For the submission to be considered by the SPC, it should include a title and an abstract (maximum of 500 words). In order to be included in the WSC Proceedings, a short paper (maximum 6 pages) will need to be submitted in 2023. The paper must not have been published in any other conference proceedings or publication before the 64th WSC. The copyright for the abstracts and papers in the proceedings resides jointly with the authors and the ISI. Authors are free to publish expanded versions of the material elsewhere.

For more details, see the CPS page here.