Royal Statistical Society Discussion Meeting on the theme  ‘Statistical aspects of climate change’ to be held in Aberdeen, 14 September 2022

The Royal Statistical Society is pleased to invite you to the discussion of two papers on ‘Statistical aspects of climate change’

This in-person Discussion Meeting will be held as part of the Royal Statistical Society Conference 2022, on 14 September5pm to 7pm, in Aberdeen. It is free to attend and will be broadcast online and recorded. The event will be chaired by our president, Sylvia Richardson.

You must register separately for the online meeting if you are not already attending the conference: Register for the online meeting

Details of the meeting are on our site, where you can also download the preprints: RSS – Discussion paper meetings 

The Discussion Meetings Committee was motivated to choose this topic by the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow last year, and because climate changes and the environment is one of the Society’s six campaigning priorities for 2022. 

Paper 1: ‘Assessing present and future risk of water damage using building attributes, meteorology and topography’

Authors: C Heinrich-Mertsching et al., Norwegian Computing Centre, Oslo, Norway

Paper 2: ‘The importance of context in extreme value analysis with application to extreme temperatures in the USA and Greenland’

Authors: D Clarkson et al., University of Lancaster, UK

If you are attending online and wish to contribute to the discussion on one or both papers following the authors’ presentations, please reserve a speaking slot (up to 5 minutes) in advance of the meeting, contact  
Please note that notification in advance is essential for anyone planning to join online. 

We welcome contributions in writing before 30 September 2022. They must not exceed 400 words in length (not including tables, reference details and figures) and be in editable format (Word doc or tex file). Please also provide a pdf copy for review, a separate file for each figure and add the following information at the beginning of your contribution:

  •  Author(s) and title(s) of the paper(s) under discussion
  •  Name, title, affiliation and email address