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An autoregressive model to describe fishing vessel movement and activity Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: P. Gloaguen, S. Mahévas, E. Rivot, M. Woillez, J. Guitton, Y. Vermard, M. P. Etienne
  • Published Date: Nov 25, 2014

The understanding of the dynamics of fishing vessels is of great interest to characterize the spatial distribution of the fishing effort and to define sustainable fishing strategies. It is...

Evaluating the impacts of climate change on diurnal wind power cycles using multiple regional climate models Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: Scott D. Goddard, Marc G. Genton, Amanda S. Hering, Stephan R. Sain
  • Published Date: Jan 26, 2015

Electrical utility system operators must plan resources so that electricity supply matches demand throughout the day. As the proportion of wind‐generated electricity in the US grows,...

Spatiotemporal models for skewed processes Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: Alexandra M. Schmidt, Kelly C. M. Gonçalves, Patrícia L. Velozo
  • Published Date: Sep 15, 2016

In the analysis of most spatiotemporal processes in environmental studies, observations present skewed distributions. Usually, a single transformation of the data is used to approximate...

Analysis of aggregated functional data from mixed populations with application to energy consumption Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: Amanda Lenzi, Camila P.E. de Souza, Ronaldo Dias, Nancy L. Garcia, Nancy Heckman
  • Published Date: Nov 06, 2016

Understanding energy consumption patterns of different types of consumers is essential in any planning of energy distribution. However, obtaining individual‐level consumption information...

Can we weather proof our insurance? Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: Vyacheslav Lyubchich, Y. R. Gel
  • Published Date: Dec 13, 2016

The last few years were particularly volatile for the insurance industry in North America and Europe, bringing a record number of claims due to severe weather. According to a 2013 World...

Fusing multiple existing space‐time land cover products Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: Nicolás Rodríguez‐Jeangros, Amanda S. Hering, Timothy Kaiser, John McCray
  • Published Date: Dec 18, 2016

Abstract Land cover (LC) is a critical variable driving many environmental processes, so its assessment, monitoring, and characterization are essential. However, existing...

Flow‐directed PCA for monitoring networks Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: K. Gallacher, C. Miller, E. M. Scott, R. Willows, L. Pope, J. Douglass
  • Published Date: Dec 21, 2016

Measurements recorded over monitoring networks often possess spatial and temporal correlation inducing redundancies in the information provided. For river water quality monitoring in...

Directional multivariate extremes in environmental phenomena Early View

  • Journal: Environmetrics
  • Authors: Raúl Torres, Carlo De Michele, Henry Laniado, Rosa E. Lillo
  • Published Date: Jan 10, 2017

Several environmental phenomena can be described by different correlated variables that must be considered jointly in order to be more representative of the nature of these phenomena. For...

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